Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequent questions regarding our services and products.

Yes of course. There are several ways to migrate all your product, categories, customers and even orders to Prestashop. Let us know details regarding your current store platform and we can recommend the best option.
Yes, Prestashop is Multi-language ready. You can have as many languages as needed and you can also use separately for each one the currency, tax values and shipping options.
There is no limit for product or category number in Prestashop, you can create as many as needed.
Prestashop is an eCommerce platform used by more than 4 million online stores in the entire world. There are more than 310 reasons to use Prestashop, this being the number of standardly integrated features.
Besides this:

  • Unlimited number of products, categories and attributes
  • Unlimited Filtering possibilities : color, size, price...and so on.
  • Multiple product images with zoom
  • Advanced Customer Service options
  • Content Management
  • Multistore management from the same admin panel

All of these make Prestashop platform to be excellent either for a small store or a mega store with tens of thousands of products.
Chose the desired Plan and template from over 50 modern, Prestashop 1.6 compatible Themes, and in less than 24 hours you will have a Prestashop store, all yours , ready to be populated with your product and start selling. An online store with more than 300 features, responsive design and easy to use.
The hosting of your site, if you chose one of our plans is free for 12 months with the possibility to extend the subscription. The shop is hosted on special servers configured for Prestashop stores best performance.
In order to avoid misunderstandings and controversy regarding the misuse of FTP and/or Control panel by our clients and to maintain the site's best performance and security of our client information, we decided to limit your access to the servers.
If there are any theme or site modifications needed, that are made usually trough the FTP: all the themes we offer when purchasing a Plan have access to a custom CSS and js feature, right from the Prestashop back office. This will help you make the needed modifications and have absolute control over them without needing to access directly the files.
Yes of course. We will change your theme with another one you will chose from our site, free of charge in the first 10 days since the purchase date.
After that, the theme changing will be charged. Please contact us for details and for a quote.
No. The online stores created and hosted by our company according to the chosen Plan, have a mail sending limit.
Any attempt to send SPAM or other unsolicited e-mails trough the system will automatically trigger the shutdown of your website.
If you need to send promotional codes or newsletters to a large number of recipients please contact us.
In case you have a new job or new tasks to work on during the development of a project, please use one of the priority statuses from below:
a) Urgent – such as: the website is not working, visitors can't access the website, visitors can't make a purchase or any event that causes you loss of money will have this priority.
This is the highest priority and will be fixed as soon as possible during working hours. If such occasion occur please use Skype and/or phone contact to let us know as soon as possible and therefore for us to be able to start fixing your problem asap.
b) High Priority – It needs to be fixed fast but it's not an emergency it will be done in the next 24 hours
c) Medium Priority The programmer will be assigned to the job when he finishes higher importance jobs or whenever he has a window between other jobs. We will try to fix this in the next 24 hours.
d) Low priority - The programmer will be assigned to the job when he finishes higher importance jobs.
The above time estimation refers to the company working hours during working weekdays. In case of more complex tasks or a list of tasks that will take up a longer period of time for completion – the time estimate will be communicated personally.
No. In this case the entire task list will be evaluated and taking in consideration the complexity and estimated time for solving your issues we will send you a price quote, how many units you need to purchase for us to solve the problems from the entire list.
Thus for one unit we can solve several easy and quick tasks.
Yes of course, you can change the hosting anytime.
The Plans we offer on our site include Free Hosting of the Prestashop store built by us for 12 months. By giving up this gratuity before the end of the contractual 12 months, you are not entitled to any refund. The 12 month free hosting offered at the purchase of a Plan is a bonus offered by our company.
At the end of the Free Hosting period, you can opt for continuing with a yearly subscription or move your store to another hosting provider.