Product Video Pro

Product Video Pro is a video module for Prestashop that will allow you to use videos instead of the product images, anywhere on the site, home page product listings or product page.
With this video module, you have the opportunity to keep visitors longer in your store and to increase sales by inspiring confidence and leading the consummers to take a decision.

Price: 49,99€

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What does the module do?

It blows your mind away with an innovative, dynamic and user based product presentation.

Seriously. Using videos instead of product images will change the way online shopping is perceived by the consumer. It will raise the standard for all online stores. This module allows you to insert a video instead of the product image on the home page, categories, product page, and any product listing pages. You can stream the video from Youtube, Vimeo or anywhere you would like. The usage of the videos on any page comes with an elaborate control panel that allows you to customize the visual effect of the videos that are shown on the site.

The video is embedded by product, chose your product from the list and add the embed code. By default, the embedded video is shown everywhere the product appears, page listings and product page. But you can chose to disable the appearance on product lists or on product page.This is a unique Prestashop module, as far as we know there is no other module on the market that can introduce video instead of the product image on any page.

Take a Tour and convince yourself!

Check out our demo site for the prestashop video module and see for yourself. We used some YouTube and Vimeo product commercials just to show the potential of the module.
You can also check out the module settings in the admin panel.

Take advantage of no2. search engine in the world - YouTube.

Have a video on any page you like. Have a video of your products or services instead of the product image, on any page, home, categories or product page. As we all know, an image says more than a thousand words, but a video will say a thousand-fold more.
In the fast world we are living consumers give less and less time to reading descriptions, therefore good images of your product will sell a lot more. A good image will be closer to give the consumer a feeling similar to the one when he is in a physical store, well, he can't touch the merchandise but the visual effect will bring him as close as possible in the virtual world.

That was until now. The closest possible visual effect to the real world is a video, where you can see the product in all angles, used by real people and you have at the same time information spoken to you and also music to accompany the product and give you the environmental feeling.

Why do you think YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world? People want to see videos. Take advantage of this new marketing tool until it's not overused and its extraordinary effects are not reduced to "common".
Don't miss out on the opportunity to use videos in your favor. Be one step in front of your competition and your customers will remember you and their appreciation will show in numbers, big ones.

Why do you need this module? Lets talk numbers.

Having a video on your online store will increase visits, ratings and sales:

-- Online store visitors who see a video stay 2 minutes longer on average (Comscore)
-- 73% of shopers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video (ReelSEO)
-- 90% of shoppers find videos helpful for making purchase decisions (Video Brewery)
-- 52 % of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions (Invodo)
-- The chances of getting a page one listing on Google Search Results will increase 53 times with a video (Forrester Research)
-- Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than results with only text displaying (Econsultancy)
-- Using video on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80% (EyeView Digital)

Don't miss out on the marketing tool of the future:

-- 51.9% of marketing professionals all over the world regard videos as the type of content with the best ROI (eMarketer)
-- Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2018. (Cisco)
-- Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online (
-- A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)
-- YouTube is now 28% of all Google searches ( Google)
-- Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on Youtube ( which has over 1 billion visitors each month ) (YouTube)

Creating a product Video costs a Lot? - not true anymore

Of course if you are a well known brand and you are willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a TV spot kind of a video .... it will cost a lot.
But thanks to YouTube, there is a new kind of advertising. Remember you are not creating a TV spot, you need a personal product presentation video.

Self made videos. Grab your camcorder, take a video of your product and yourself explaining why is it good for the customer and upload it on YouTube. You can of course do some editing and add your logo and site URL in the video. Most successful channels on Youtube show a person like you or me, talking to the camera. This is what the users want to see and it gives them the feeling of "reality" that the product is real and it's not a photoshop edited image, and the speaker is a real person, not an actor.

Motion Graphic Videos. You don't like to appear in videos, or you prefer to have a professionally created add anyway. There is an economic solution, think of motion graphic presentations. Using text, images, video in a video and a nice musical background, you can make sure your customers will get the right message about your products, store and services.
There are professionally looking, HD, short ads that will definitely transmit the message "buy me - I'm awesome" to the viewer (soon to become - paying customer). Costs for a little video as seen above are somewhere around 700 euros. This for a serious presentation video. But if you need one for your products, you only need to get a good product presentation template and use it to present several or all your products, this will reduce dramatically the costs per product video.

Module Features and Benefits

- Chose product for which you want to have a video instead of product image
- Chose pages where the video will apear ( everywhere the product appears, home page, category page listings or product page)
- Disable auto play ( the video has the option to auto play when the page is opened)
- Auto play delay ( you can set a delay in milliseconds for the video start. For example you want the visitor to be able to grasp the feeling and structure of your page, before you redirect his attention to the main presentation point, so you set the delay to 3000 ms ( 3 seconds)
- Hide info ( you can hide the info bar that is shown by the streaming )
- Hide controls ( you can hide the video controls such as volume, watch later, watch on youtube or settings)
- Set a delay time for the video to show up
- Video always show or only on mouse over
- Video displayed in front of the product image
- Video displayed in a popup that follows the mouse
- Compatible with Prestashop 1.6.x.
- Mobile compatible
- Compatiblility (IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).

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Take advantage of this awesome marketing tool, increase your conversions, offer your customers even more value by adding a product video on your pages. You have the opportunity to keep visitors longer on your store and to increase sales by inspiring confidence and leading the consummers to take a decision. Having videos right on the first page the user sees, rather than only on the product page, hidden below the fold, will entice them to stop and see more.

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