Prestashop Programming Services - Units

Do you need help in making Prestashop modifications that you can't do yourself?

Purchase 1 Unit and get instant access to a professional programmer team with several years of experience in Prestashop development.
Bugs, front office or back office modifications can be a nuisance that we can solve correctly and in a short time.

Price: 30,00€

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Prestashop Programming Services - Senior Developer

Purchasing 1 Unit is the equivalent of opening a ticket.

Please fill out the form below and send us detailed information regarding the problem that needs to be solved. In most of the cases, the necessary modifications for solving your Prestashop problem can fit in the price of one unit. If there is a more complex or complicated issue, our technical team will send you an estimate for the amount of units necessary to fix your problem

After accepting our price quote (units), please make the payment for the necessary units by introducing the correct no. of units in the shopping basket and following trough the purchasing process. After that, please send us the necessary credentials (access to your site) for solving your issues.

In case you don't accept the price quote given by our programmers, the already payed unit is considered as a fee charged for the time it took us to identify the problem and find the solution.

There are no Prestashop problems that we can't fix, if there is by any chance any peculiar error or demand for which we can't find the solution, you will get your money back for the unit you purchased.

Why did we decide to use this method?

A most valuable thing that makes the difference between success and failure, in any domain, is the “know-how”. Our team's vast knowledge regarding the Prestashop platform will guarantee solving your problems in the best way possible (without shortcuts or solutions that might negatively impact a different area of your shop, now or in the future) and in the shortest time possible.

We chose this way because many times we can fix a major site problem in about 5 minutes, a problem that others before us tried for hours to fix without any success. Those are wasted hours that you as a client might have payed anyway to the programmer or freelancers, according to your contract or understanding. We consider that our expertise in the field will cover the price of 1 Unit charged, even if the effective work time to fix the problem, if charged hourly, wouldn't cost more than one Euro. Please consider this method as profitable for you because we save you countless hours worked on the issue, that cumulated would cost way more than what our expert team would ask.

The effective work time that the programmer will spend in identifying the source of the problem and finding the solution is often more than an hour. This hour is chargeable towards the client, because the company is paying the programmer for that hour he worked, including all the taxes and benefits that come with that salary. We wish to avoid situations that we met before, when the programmer spent several hours for research and evaluating the client's site problems, after which the client considered that the job can be done by himself or by a cheap freelancer whom, after finding out from us what the problem is, quoted a low price for fixing the issue. And so, the know-how and research of our programmer went unpaid.

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