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Don't settle for less. Chose a Professional Online Store.

In terms of creating an online store, we chose the best option regarding the cost – functionality ratio: Prestashop Platform.
None of the other eCommerce platforms we tested until now, Magento, Open Cart, Joomla, osCommerce, WooCommerce, Zencart and many other less known ones, have the perfect combination of Cost, Usability and Complexity. There are of course eCommerce platforms more complex than Prestashop but are expensive, there are also free ones that might be easy to use but there are very few modules or widgets for them on the market, and the creation of new ones costs a lot.

Prestashop is the best option we found, a balance between running and improving the store costs and a complex functionality that easily adapts to the improvements in technology at every update.
There are over 300 features and characteristics included in the basic Prestashop and this guarantees a certain independence from having a constant programmer team just for site maintenance and development. Using the back office is easy even for those who don't have any IT knowledge.

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Online store creation in 24 hours.

Think of this Online Store as an “off-the-shelf” product that you can get from a supermarket or an IT store. It is an online store that it's already installed and ready to be launched as soon as you upload the products and set up your domain name. That's all.
The rest is only customization, the template is free and you can chose from over 50 modern and responsive themes that fit your store's profile.
Just as an off-the-shelf product, it has the same Money Back Guarantee policy.

No Hidden Taxes: What you will get is a professional online store.

There's one thing that is not included in any of our plans and needed for the online store to go online: the domain name. You need to register the domain on your company or personal name for security reasons, that will be yours and nobody can take it away. The other essential elements for the site to work right: installing Prestashop, template and hosting are included in all our store creation Plans.

See our Store Creation Plans

What do I get?

First of all you will get a Professional online store with a responsive and modern design that has the potential of becoming the next Super Store in your field. An eCommerce site that is optimized in every possible way and will bring you an advantage in front of your competition. We eliminated all the difficulties you may encounter when you want to start an online business but you don't have any knowledge in design or programming, by offering you an online store that is ready to go online.

Free Web Hosting

We offer Free web Hosting for 12 months on specially configured servers for Prestashop optimal performance, also 2 Gb storage space and 128 ram memory ( this is the recommended speed for Prestashop).

Free Responsive Templates

You will get a Free Theme with Plan you purchase. Responsive and modern templates that look great on both tablets and mobile phones, featuring easy color change, banner and slider configuration.

Social Networking

Be active on the social networks that can convert. We will create for you Facebook, Pinterest and Google + pages connected to your store, so you can take advantage of social marketing.

Integrated Blog

Keep in touch with your clients and offer them extra value with the help of good content written on your blog. Use the power of information to attract new visitors and have the latest blog posts visible even on the home page.

Payment Modules

Paypal, cash on delivery, bank transfer, pay by check and several other payment modules already installed. Chose your favorites, configure them with your account and you're ready to accept payments.

Site Speed Optimization

A website that takes a lot of time to load will have a great abandonment rate. We will optimize your store for the best possible loading time, so the user experience will be excellent and the visitors can see the desired product Right Now!

Shipping and Carriers

Several carriers integrated in the system with the choice of adding the most popular ones in your country. Set up your delivery costs and your customers are ready to receive the ordered product.

RSS Feeds

Use this feature to broaden your sales opportunity. Upload your product on sites like Amazon, take advantage of several platforms where you can sell your product and reach out to more customers.

Google Analytics

Without correct and exact statistics you can't improve the sales of your online store. Besides Google Analytics we will also install Google webmaster tools which comes with additional important information and statistics, that many overlook.

310 Features Included

Prestashop platform has over 300 features already integrated in the basic package, plus thousands of free modules available. Take advantage of the constant improvement of this platform with no additional costs.

Why Us?

Take advantage of Wedis Company's 12 years of experience in Online Marketing, Eye Tracking, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion-sales creation, experience offered as a support for building your profitable online business.

What we offer is not only an online store created on an excellent platform and that has the potential of becoming the next super store in your chosen field. We add the 12 year experience of a team dedicated to create profitable long term businesses. We don't build web sites just for the sake of it, our goal is for you to have a long term profitable online store.

Until recently we only accepted jobs for clients that came with references from our partners. We opened up with the creation of this great system that allows us to offer great quality for an accessible price. We wish to help emerging businesses that deserve a good start even if they have a limited budget. And at the same time we wish to help online buyers that deserve quality stores to purchase from, with an easy navigation, pleasant aspect and a great overall user experience throughout every step of the purchasing process, from finding the store in the search engine listings until they get the desired product and write a review.

Chose the Online Store that Fits Your Needs

Find out more about these plans and decide which one you need according to budget and complexity of the desired online store.
We offer free consulting for choosing the plan that is right for you and even for structuring your new store according to your business plan.

Chose the Online Store that Fits Your Needs

5 Things You need to know about our store creation plans

Between 500 and 950 Euros depending on your chosen plan, necessary customization and complexity.
Besides this we also offer Pay-As-You-Go Plan - with monthly installment payments.
Only 50 Euros /month for one year and you will own your Prestashop Online Store. No interest rates, No hidden costs, You can use it right after the first payed installment.

Startup and Pay-As-You-Go Plans are like “off-the-shelf” products, ready to go online and start selling after the domain name is added and of course the site is populated with your products.

  • a) Installation and configuration of Prestashop 1.6 platform
  • b) Free web Hosting for 12 months
  • c) Free template ( over 50 themes to chose from)
  • d) Payment module installation
  • e) Blog module

Besides the above benefits, Standard and Professional plan include different levels of front-end customization asked by the client, additional free modules, social page creation , analytics and ecommerce tracking implementation, and many more.

There is one additional cost, one thing we don't include in the Plans: domain name registration.
Because the domain should always be personally registered by the client on his name or company. This is for security reasons and to ensure that the client will be the owner of the entire brand he will build on that name.

There is a second reason, we have lots of clients who already own a domain name that they want to use for their new online store.

In case you have never purchased a domain before, no worries, we can send you a short tutorial and walk you trough the entire process. All technical details will be taken care by us.

Start-Up and Pay-As-You-Go Plans can be set up online in less than 24 hours.
Plans that need customization may take between 5 and 14 days depending the complexity of the changes needed and the communication between us and the customer.  

Purchasing an Online store creation plan is very simple:

  • a) Chose the desired plan and add it to the cart. Please make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions.
  • b) Chose a template from the checkout page- the template is free, offered as a gift when you purchase a store creation plan.
  • c) On the next step let us know if you already own a domain or you will need to purchase one.
  • d) Finalize the order and make the payment. You will get a confirmation e-mail and if needed a pdf document with the step by step tutorial for purchasing the domain..
  • e) You will be contacted by our team in order to set up any details regarding your plan.

We are available at any time for consulting and details regarding the site creation Plans. Contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

Professional Prestashop Services!

An entire team of Prestashop senior developers and programmers is now at your service.

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